ScreenCloud makes screenshot sharing easy!

  • 1Take Screenshot

    Take a screenshot using one of the 3 hotkeys or simply click the ScreenCloud tray icon.

  • 2ScreenCloud Uploads

    ScreenCloud can automatically upload your screenshot to a cloud service, or your own server.

  • 3Share Link

    A link will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Sharing is easy

When you upload a screenshot, a link is automatically copied to your clipboard. You can paste this link in an email or IM conversation. The other person simply clicks the link and sees your screenshot.

Use your own server

ScreenCloud supports uploading to FTP and SFTP servers, enabling fully self-hosted screenshot sharing. If you provide a URL to your server, ScreenCloud will automatically copy a link to the uploaded file.

Plugin Support

ScreenCloud can be extended with plugins to support a wide range of cloud services. A lot of these plugins are open-source and can be found on GitHub. Click here to browse plugins.

  • Olav
  • May 06
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    • Capture Selection
    • Capture Window
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The ScreenCloud system tray icon gives you quick access to great screen capture features!


ScreenCloud was created in January 2012 by Olav S Thoresen to provide an easy to use and cross-platform way to share screenshots.


For problems and feature suggestions, use the GitHub issue tracker.